03 July 2022,   18:08
Clinics are prepared to meet challenges associated with spread of Omicron - Tamar Gabunia

First Deputy Minister of Health met with the heads of COVID clinics and discussed the new strain of omicron and the readiness of medical facilities.

“The world is dealing with a new wave of Omicron. We talked to the clinics about their readiness. Fortunately today the workload of clinics is not high, about half of the patient capacity is loaded. Readiness remains high, the staff is ready, new protocols work, clinics have stock of medicines, and I think they are fully prepared to meet the challenges that may be associated with the spread of the new strain.

We also talked about the vaccination, especially among the medical staff. An incentive scheme has been started for citizens over 50 years of age, after receiving the first dose after vaccination, the citizen receives an incentive of GEL 200”, - said Tamar Gabunia.