24 March 2023,   06:21
Embassy of the US to Georgia and the non-governmental organization ISFED - main topics of former Georgian Dream MPs new letter

Former Georgian Dream MPs - Sozar Subari, Dimitri Khundadze, Mikheil Kavelashvili and Guram Macharashvili - dedicated another letter to the Embassy of the US to Georgia and the non-governmental organization Fair Elections.

“We cannot ignore the statement by the US Embassy concerning the NGO “ISFED”, aka “Fair Elections”, which is the organization banned from admission to the Parliamentary working group. The Embassy estimated ISFED as one of the most reliable observation organizations and doubted the sincerity of the process due to their non-admission to the working group. Let us remind you that the ISFED is the organization twice manifesting itself in the avant-garde state of the revolutionary processes for the last 2 years.

The first case was on the next day of the Parliamentary Elections – November 1, when ISFED published the returns of the parallel vote tabulation (PVT) deviating from the CEC results.

The “Georgian Dream” leaders have been urging since the very first days that the PVT has been fabricated, which could be proved by simple arithmetic. However, it took 1,5 months for ISFED to admit it. On December 11, when ISFED appeared incapable to evade the infallible arguments introduced by the “Georgian Dream”, it had to admit the fault. At that, the then chief of ISFED even admitted that the Embassy has been informed about the miscalculations at least at the end of November when it has been moderating the negotiations between the parties to overcome the artificial political crisis.

Simultaneously with PVT, ISFED also fabricated yet another data about the 8% negative misbalance, which constituted another forged fake purposed to recognize the elections as illegitimate. It is noteworthy that, unlike PVT, ISFED has never admitted the falsehood of this information, while the real negative misbalance was even lower than 1%. It was the fact of fabrication of PVT that the radical opposition used as a key reason to declare the elections fraud and thus, sabotage the Parliament, which ISFED, together with Transparency International and GYLA, estimated as a political crisis for the first time. When the US Embassy assesses the NGO, which authored such a wide-scale fabrication, as the most reliable observation organization, it makes the picture crystal clear. Naturally, we never doubt that the Embassy fully relies on ISFED, demonstrating it by entrusting ISFED to fraud PVT.

Unfortunately, “Georgian Dream” forgave ISFED for fabricating PVT and engaged it in post-election processes. We were aware of the motif for this decision and thus, supported this approach of the party. It was clear that by accusing ISFED of fabrication of PVT, the Government would fire a conflict not with one of the NGOs but with the Embassy, which was avoided by the “Georgian Dream” due to reasonable grounds. However, from this point of view, we now are sure that the compromise on the account of the truth can never be justified.

Instead of being grateful for this position of the Government, the Embassy declares ISFED as one of the most reliable organizations. As a matter of fact, the Embassy has no other option since ISFED along with some other NGOs is directly involved in the revolutionary scenario, which is coordinated by the Embassy, which is in relation to the direct message of the Embassy that indeed, it was a revolutionary scenario, so what? By backing ISFED, the Embassy sends a direct message to the “Georgian Dream” that the revolution shall happen, the National Movement shall return to the authority to start the second front and the “Georgian Dream” and the society shall accept and tolerate it. If the Government steps back and engages ISFED in the working process, it would mean direct capitulation to the Embassy and the National Movement and we will stand intact to prevent their engagement.

Let us remind you that 2 months ago, the director of ISFED was trumpeting from the podium in front of the Parliament, where one of the National Movement members was requesting the resignation of the Government and the formation of the so-called technical authority with the participation of NGOs, otherwise, the menace was to ignite the disorders. When after this precedent the Embassy backs ISFED, it becomes clear that it was not ISFED standing on that podium but the Embassy and the political requests were deriving from the Embassy. Society remembers us calling on the US Ambassador to get dissociated from the radical opposition and the drastic political request of certain NGOs on the resignation of the Government and formation of the so-called technical authority, which the Ambassador ignored due to a simple reason – the Embassy was a real author of this request and does not intend to give up. What can be the ground for the hysterical attempt of the Embassy to start the disorders in the country, thus triggering the revolutionary processes? The answer is only one – Georgia failed to start the second front, which was imposed on us in an absolute unfair manner and which is still relevant. The Embassy is well aware that the Government will never “sign” the destruction of the country, while the National Movement will gladly fulfill any mission. No other explanation can be given to this hysterical desire of the Embassy to see the “Georgian Dream” degraded and replaced by the National Movement. A couple of days ago, we heard the statements by the former NDI Resident Director, Laura Thornton, addressing the authority that if they aspire to the West, so why criticize it. Mme. Thornton needs to understand that we aspire to the West due to its values, which include justice and freedom of expression. When your country is ill-treated and you are not allowed to even protest it, then it has nothing in common with Western values. The West is not a dogma for us but the values that are traditional for the Western world. When the Embassy strives to get the National Movement back to authority and repeat every aspect related to Saakashvili – puppet authority, war, monopolized media, business racket, torture etc. – we cannot accept such “West”. We do not want the Government to bring the anti-West regime and blindly fulfill any mission in prejudice to the country. A lot has been written about Switzerland in the last few months. Historically, Switzerland was recognized as a leading democracy even in Europe, however, what is the reality today. If every word spoken by the lawyer of Ivanishvili and the experts – racket, biased Court and monopolized media, which was characteristic of Saakashvili’s regime, so favored by the Embassy – then they succeeded in actively establishing this model even in Switzerland. We want Europe, which we were witnessing in old Switzerland but decline Europe where banks, judiciary and media act under total coordination against human rights and justice. We, the Georgians, need not be taught healthy liberal values and human rights since we had perfect teachers for centuries – Vazha Pshavela and Ilia Chavchavadze, preaching them in the XIX century; they were teaching us the value of freedom and independence and preaching that nothing is valuable when liberty doesn’t belong to us. We do not want a country, where on behalf of liberalism, democracy and human rights, radicalism and authoritarianism are being attempted to be established. We do not want a country, where the authorities are driven by other forces right into a devastating war. The pressure is immense indeed, though we believe that equipped with the truth, the people can overcome every obstacle”, - reads the letter.