29 February 2024,   12:58
The gendarmerie arrests 5 Georgians suspected of having committed 36 burglaries in less than a month

Thanks to the joint action of several branches of the Gironde gendarmerie as well as the municipal police of Martignas-sur-Jalle, the suspects were able to be arrested and placed in detention. 250 objects were discovered by the police, the majority of which were jewelry, writes Le Figaro.

“They will no longer crack down. On November 15, after only a few weeks of investigation, two gendarmerie surveillance and intervention squads arrested five Georgians, in Villenave-dOrnon and Toulouse. They are suspected of having committed no less than 36 burglaries, mainly in the Bordeaux area, between October 20 and November 15.

“This case started from a report of a particular vehicle linked to a burglary”, explains squadron leader Romain Renoult, commander of the Mérignac gendarmerie company. A video surveillance device in Martignas-sur-Jalle made it possible to identify the vehicle and monitor its possible return to the town. Thanks to the city"s video surveillance system, the car was spotted again a few days later. The burglary investigation and fight group was immediately activated. After close surveillance, it turns out that five Georgians are behind these burglaries.

“They are very fast, they sleep in their vehicle and can commit several burglaries in the same evening”, explains Commander Romain Renoult. During their arrest, 250 objects were discovered, mainly jewelry, but also computers, telephones and glasses.

According to the squadron leader, this arrest would demonstrate “great complementarity” between the different services concerned, from the municipal police of Martignas-sur-Jalle to the gendarmerie. “Between the moment when GELAC was seized and the arrest of the individuals, barely two weeks passed”. The five defendants were placed in pre-trial detention pending their trial, which will take place in Bordeaux on December 21, 2023”.