21 July 2024,   19:50
Salary of all teachers with status in public schools to increase by an average of GEL 500 from July 1

The Parliament of Georgia listens to the report of Minister of Education. Giorgi Amilakhvari is in the legislature in the Minister’s Hour format. He has already presented the report, talked about the existing challenges and the steps taken by the agency.

Amilakhvari talked about the general and professional education programs, on the increased budget of the agency and the increase of teachers’ salaries.

According to the minister, starting from July 1, all teachers with status in public schools will receive an average salary increase of 500 GEL. During his speech, the Minister also spoke about the new document of national goals of general education.

A large part of the opposition does not attend the hearing of the report.

“In 2012, the budget for education and science was 700 million GEL, today it is 300% more. Therefore, what we hear from our opponents, as if education and science are not a priority, we answer this accusation with numbers.

As we promised our dear teachers who have the status, each of them will have a significant salary increase. The number of such teachers is approximately 53,000. The total salary budget of teachers has increased by 35%”, - added the minister.