21 July 2024,   20:48
For the first time since 2004, a new document of national goals of general education was approved - Amilakhvari

The Minister of Education told the Parliament his agency plans for the national general education system aimed to “strengthen patriotism, national spirit, national identity, state thinking, respect for the family institution and general and universal values in students”.

“The plan marked the first approval of an updated vision since 2004, following extensive discussions and active involvement of schools. The autonomy of general educational institutions and providing schools with more academic freedom are included in the plan.

Besides, vocational programmes would be introduced in 20 public schools across the country and graduating students would have the opportunity to master their desired profession within schools.

Important steps have been taken within a new vision for professional education, including determining the authority of principals over five-year terms, developing a new methodology for qualifications at the professional education level and strengthening the introduction of professional education in schools. Efforts have also begun to prepare and retrain teachers according to international standards”, - said Giorgi Amilakhvari.