21 July 2024,   21:06
98 detained, 101 injured - anti-government protests continue in Yerevan

101 civilians and police officers sought medical help as a result of Wednesday’s events on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan, nearby the Armenian parliament building.

And 85 of them were discharged after receiving necessary medical care, the Ministry of Health of Armenia informs Armenian News-NEWS.am.

The patient with a wrist injury is in satisfactory condition after the surgery. The other 16 persons are receiving the necessary medical assistance. They have light and moderate injuries.

During Wednesday’s protests on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, a large number of police officers used brutal force against the demonstrators. The police used stun grenades, as a result of which many people were injured, and one person’s hand was cut. Reporters covering the event were also injured; the cameraman of Armenian News-NEWS.am suffered a broken leg as a result of the use of stun grenades.