20 July 2024,   05:04
Rehabilitation of the existing roads and construction of a new traffic junction - Tskneti Highway and Amirejib Street to be closed for 4 months

Starting from 00:00 on June 15, traffic restrictions will be implemented at the intersection of Mikheil Tamarashvili Avenue and Chabua Amirejibi Highway due to ongoing ramp construction.

The project envisages the widening of the road in certain sections, the arrangement of the sidewalk for pedestrians. It consists of 3 sections. In the 1st stage, the rehabilitation works of 2 sections will start, the 3rd stage will be implemented in 2025.

The mentioned restrictions will last for 4 months. During this period, traffic will be completely prohibited from the tunnel at the intersection of Chabua Amirejibi and Kakutsa Cholokashvili Highways to Tamarashvili Avenue in both directions.

The only exceptions will be for residents living on Leopold Bielfeld Street and the N464 minibus operating on the same street. Vehicles destined for the penalty parking lot and the emergency aid facility will be allowed to move within the closed section.

For those travelling from Tamarashvili Avenue towards Heroes’ Square, access will be available via Cholokashvili Highway and the existing tunnel. Similarly, vehicles travelling in the opposite direction, from Heroes’ Square to Tamarashvili Avenue, will use the tunnel and Cholokashvili Highway.