20 July 2024,   04:36
NATO discusses readiness of nuclear weapons - Stoltenberg

NATO is actively engaging in discussions regarding the readiness and potential deployment of its nuclear arsenal in response to mounting threats from Russia and China, as disclosed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, writes EU Today.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Stoltenberg revealed that NATO is contemplating bringing more nuclear weapons into a state of operational readiness.

This move aims to convey a clear message of deterrence to adversaries. He emphasised that consultations are underway among NATO members about the mobilisation of missiles from storage to combat readiness.

Stoltenberg refrained from specifying the number of nuclear warheads to be deployed versus those to be kept in storage.

However, he stressed the necessity of intra-Alliance consultations on these issues, highlighting the importance of nuclear transparency as a cornerstone of NATO’s nuclear strategy. This transparency is intended to prepare the Alliance for what Stoltenberg described as a “more dangerous world”.

He noted a significant shift from a decade ago when nuclear exercises were conducted in complete secrecy. Today, Stoltenberg openly commends the contributions of NATO’s 32 allies to deterrence efforts, singling out the Netherlands for recent investments in dual-capable fighter aircraft designed to carry U.S. nuclear weapons.