20 July 2024,   05:14
Alexi Petriashvili joins Droa and Girchi - More Freedom

Alexi (Buka) Petriashvili [former Minister of State for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration in Georgian Dream government in 2012-2014], has joined the opposition Droa party, an ally of Girchi-More Freedom party.

“I believe that today the decisive struggle is taking place in the political arena. We must all stand together in this struggle”, - said Petriashvili at Droa-Girchi More Freedom alliance briefing, with the participation of Elene Khoshtaria, leader of Droa, and Zurab Japaridze, leader of Girchi-More Freedom.

He also underlined the importance of unity in struggle to bring Georgia back to the European and Euro-Atlantic integration course, to change the government through the October 26 elections and to carry out the necessary reform