20 July 2024,   04:44
Interaction with the army and familiarization with military pursuits - Army Camp project starts in Kojori

Interaction with the army and familiarization with military pursuits - the Prime Minister of Georgia, together with Vice Prime Minister/Defense Minister Irakli Chikovani and Minister of Education, Science and Youth Giorgi Amilakhvari, inaugurated Army Camp at Giorgi Antsukhelidze Sergeants Academy in Kojori.

Irakli Kobakhidze congratulated the project’s participants on the opening of the camp and emphasized the project’s importance in that it enables the students to enjoy direct interaction with the army and familiarize themselves with military pursuits.

“Direct interaction with the army is very important. The army is our pride and joy, and the army is our history. The army is what has preserved to this day our country"s independence and identity. Thus, it is especially valuable that, over the next few days, you will be able to enjoy direct interaction with soldiers and familiarize yourselves with military pursuits. All this will offer you an opportunity to embrace further the values that underpin our country and should buttress our society. In terms of values, the world faces myriad challenges. There are particular trends channeled toward jeopardizing the values that should shore up any society. It is especially important to us to share all those values that should provide a firm support for our country’s further development.

I am excited because this is the second intake of students, and now 2,300 of them are involved in this important project. I thank the Ministries of Defense and Education, everyone engaged in the implementation of this important project. I wish you young people successful and enjoyable days throughout your stay. You will be able to spend your holidays actively and productively, also receiving new knowledge, and I wish you success”, - said the Prime Minister.

The participants of the Army Camp project were also addressed with speeches by Irakli Chikovani and Giorgi Amilakhvari. Together with the Ministers, the Prime Minister visited the camp, gained an insight into both the curriculum and living conditions, and shared a meal with young people.