21 July 2024,   19:53
Water quality fully complies with established norms and is safe for human health - GWP

Drinking water quality control at the main facilities of GWP is ongoing 24/7. Such a statement was released by the Georgian Water and Power.

“The quality of drinking water in the distribution network of the city fully complies with the norms established by the national regulations and is safe for human health.

Difficult technical works are being carried out to fix the damage to the central main water supply pipeline near the village of Tsitsamuri.

Until the damage is repaired, Tbilisi’s water supply system is working in emergency mode.

During the restoration of the water supply, the water may have a different color during the first few minutes, which is caused by frequent changes in the water pressure in the network”, - reads the statement of the GWP.

For more than 2 days, part of the population of Tbilisi and Mtskheta has had no water. More than 60,000 subscribers, about 300,000 people, today remain without water.