25 July 2024,   17:44
Opposition has informed the public that it is against the adoption of this law, opposes the will of the largest part of society - Mikanadze on the law “On Family Values and Protection of Minors”

Opposition has informed the public that it is against the adoption of this law, opposes the will of the largest part of society. Such a statement made today Givi Mikanadze, Chairman of the Education, Science and Youth Affairs Committee, at the joint meeting of the four committees, where legislative package prepared against the so-called LGBT propaganda was discussed.

“May 17 was clearly different from all the others - as I was told, in the whole country - in all cities and municipalities, about a million people took to streets, and thus fully legitimized the process that had been held earlier in all regions, where the Chairman of the Parliament, together with the relevant commission, discussed the legislative changes with the representatives of society.

There is full support and legitimacy in this process from the vast majority of our society. The fact that the opposition is not here today is a direct expression and answer that they do not share the presented draft law and at least do not take responsibility. However, it is a fact that they oppose this legislation, while we are acting fully thoughtfully and responsibly, first of all, based on our national interests and the orders and demands of our society.

On May 17, the whole of Georgia and the western and world partners saw with their own eyes what the order and demand of the society is. There was not a city or municipality left where tens and hundreds of thousands of people did not come out and express their position.

Therefore, the draft law, which was discussed today, is aimed at protecting the demands and interests of these people. This is an attempt to prevent the minority from abusing the circumstances. For this, there should be appropriate mechanisms, guarantees and the possibility of taking specific steps. We think that we will be able to adopt this legislative package before the end of this convocation, and the Parliament of the tenth convocation will complete its activities in the context of reflecting this document in a legislative capacity, which will be another expression of the position of the Government elected by the majority”, - said Givi Mikanadze.