22 July 2024,   00:40
I wish to thank the SSPS for its three decades of dedicated contribution to protecting and strengthening our countryэs statehood - Kobakhidze

I would like to heartily congratulate the leadership of the Special State Protection Service [SSPS], the entire staff, and all current and veteran employees on this remarkable day-the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the service, said the Prime Minister of Georgia during his speech at the event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the SSPS.

According to Irakli Kobakhidze, the SSPS has been serving to strengthen the security and stability of the country for three decades, making a significant contribution to protecting and reinforcing our statehood.

“Your agency was created during a very difficult period and entrusted with a crucial mission after the restoration of Georgia’s independence. For three decades, you have been strengthening the security and stability of the country and making a significant contribution to protecting and reinforcing our statehood. I want to thank each of you once again for your dedication.

Your highly responsible work involves significant risks and demands courage, dedication and professionalism. Today, we remember and honor the vivid memory of the heroes who died in the line of duty, your friends and colleagues.

Summarizing the past years and the continuous progress and development, we can confidently say that, through the hard work of the service"s leadership and each of you, the Special State Protection Service (SSPS) has been established as an institution of the highest European standards, fully prepared to respond to any challenge. Today, we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the service"s capabilities firsthand, which further demonstrates the ongoing commitment to its development. Anzor Chubinidze has made a significant contribution to this progress, and I would like to thank him once again.

On behalf of the Government of Georgia and personally, I thank you for your faithful service to our state, your professionalism and your patriotism. I pledge my support personally and, most importantly, on behalf of the government. I wish progress, success, peace and prosperity to each of you and your families”, - said the Prime Minister.

The Head of Government of Georgia inspected the infrastructure of the SSPS, including the stadium, training ground of the extreme response management under construction, the shooting range and the vehicle and hardware museum. Demonstrations included an attack and evacuation of a guarded person in a building, an attack-repulse on a motorcade, and a canine demonstration.

Anzor Chubinidze, Head of the SSPS presented the SSPS Performance Report to the invited guests of the event today. At the end of the event, employees of the Special State Protection Service were awarded the First Class Medal for their conscientious performance of duties and exemplary discipline, in connection with the 30th anniversary of the service’s establishment.