02 October 2022,   21:09
"We will fight until we prove the truth" - Giorgi Giorganashvili"s wife

The civil society, supporters, and relatives of the actor Giorgi Giorganashvili are preparing for a protest rally. They protest against his 8-year imprisonment.

The rally will start at 6 p.m. but the organizers talked about the plans at the briefing and made some explanations.

In particular, the place and time of the action has changed. According to the organizers, after the Tbilisi City Court sentenced Beka Tsikarishvili to 14-day prison sentence, more people expressed willingness to participate in the rally, according to which the action will be held with the legislative body instead of the government administration.

The spouse of the actor Giorgi Giorganashvili calls on the society to join the rally and express solidarity. Ana Chaduneli says that the fight will continue until the truth is confirmed.

"We will fight until we prove the truth and this is not an individual problem, it is a systemic problem and we want to reach out to the society and together we will defeat this systemic problem," said Giorgi Giorganashvili"s wife Ana Chaduneli.

Sopho Verdzeuli, representative of the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center, draws attention to the unfair system in the country.

"The public demands a unified and clear statement from the political authorities about what steps they are going to take in the direction of reform. They also demand to speed up police reforms and to end the impunity syndrome , "- says Sophie Verdzeuli.