25 September 2022,   10:12
Russia seized upon Kvirikashvili"s irresponsible, damagng statement - Opposition responds to Russian Foreign Ministry statement

The Russian Foreign Ministry response to the statement made by Kvirikashvili was followed by acute political assessments in the Georgian opposition spectrum.

The opposition considers the statement of the occupant country"s foreign ministry contains a threat to Georgia.

The Georgian Dream"s opponents say that the fact that Russian side does not recognize its role in occupation of the territories of Georgia is the result of the soft policy of the Georgian government.

"The statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry is extremely damaging to our state interests. The ground to this statement was created by the Prime Minister"s statement, by which he actually gave the opportunity to Russia to distancei tself from the occupation topic, "said member of the UNM Salome Samadashvili.

"The Russian Federation now cites the Prime Minister of Georgia and agrees that this is an ethnic conflict between Georgians and Abkhazians, Georgians and Ossetians, and tells us to take this bilateral direction, because the Russian Federation has nothing to do with it, "-said Giga Bokeria, a member of the European Georgia.

The dialogue with Russia is approved by the "Alliance of Patriots".

The Russian Foreign Ministry wrote in its statement that it is satisfied with the initiative of the Georgian Prime Minister. The text explicitly states that the conflict is Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian.

Lavrov"s office calls the murder of Archil Tatunashvili an unfortunate incident.