20 June 2021,   12:53
According to the survey, Grigol Vashadze is an unconditional leader


Three days before the presidential election, Edison Research publishes a recent survey. The American company, commissioned by Rustavi 2, conducted survey all over Georgia from 15 to 24 October and 2001 persons were interviewed.

According to the results, a few days before the elections, the presidential candidate of the United Opposition Grigol Vashadze is leading.

The candidate of the United Opposition says that the results of the survey should not be the cause of the euphoria for the supporters of the opposition and the voter should be active on October 28.

According to the results of the survey, the winner will not be revealed in the first round of the presidential election; According to 37% of respondents, the second round is inevitable and 36% do not expect a second tour.

Nino Japaridze, representative of Edison Research,expects the second round of elections.

The second round is expectated by the team of David Bakradze, presidential candidate of "European Georgia".

Salome Zourabichvili, candidate for the "Georgian Dream", is the leader only in one category of the long questionnaire. This is a negative attitude of the voter.

The government team has distrusted the most famous and influential research organization in the United States.

October 25 is the last day when parties can publish public opinion polls. The results of the survey were published by "Georgian Dream" and "European Georgia", but the data was not covered by "Rustavi 2" because both were ordered by political parties.

The research of Edison Research is not affiliated with the party. The American company has been commissioned by "Rustavi 2".