05 July 2022,   16:44
VIDEO - Prosecutor’s office releases footage showing torture of prisoner by Megis Kardava

The Prosecutor’s Office released a video which shows the torture of a prisoner in 2011 by the former head of Georgia’s military police [under the United National Movement government], Megis Kardava, who is currently serving out a sentence.

According to the agency, several recordings were seized from Kardava’s flat in Ukraine.

Former Head of prison No. 8, Aleksandre Mukhadze, who currently is on the run, has been charged with torturing the prisoner in 2011 to obtain false testimony.

“Kardava and Mukhadze demanded from the inmate the recognition of participation in non-existent terrorist acts, but the inmate refused to do so, after which the former officials showed him a sexual assault of another prisoner and threatened him with rape. Magis Kardava put a pistol to the prisoner’s head and imitated shooting for psychological impact.

The prisoner was forced to sign a false confession after which due to numerous acts of torture, he attempted suicide. The inmate was released in 2013 after the change of government in 2012”, - reads the statement.