17 June 2024,   04:26
Egypt sets out ambitious Israel-Gaza ceasefire plan

Egypt has presented what is described as an ambitious plan to end the war in Gaza with a ceasefire, writes Al Jazeera.

The proposal, which was presented to Israel, Hamas, the US and European governments on Monday [December 25] would see Israel fully withdraw from the Gaza Strip, all captives held by Hamas, and many Palestinian prisoners, freed, and a united technocratic Palestinian government installed in the enclave.

The proposal, developed with the Gulf state of Qatar, includes several rounds of captive and prisoner exchanges, reports Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith from Tel Aviv.

In the first phase, Hamas would free all civilian captives in return for the release of Palestinian prisoners over a truce of 7-10 days. During the second stage, Hamas would release all female Israeli soldiers in return for more Palestinian prisoners, taking place during another weeklong truce. In the final phase, the warring parties would engage in “a month of negotiations to discuss the release of all military personnel held by Hamas in exchange for a lot more [Palestinian] prisoners and Israel pulling back to Gaza’s borders”, said Smith.

Close to 8,000 Palestinians are held by Israel on security-related charges or convictions, according to Palestinian figures.