18 September 2021,   12:02
The President of Georgia opened Global Conference on Energy Efficiency

The President of Georgia opened the 5th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency. The Ministers of Energy and Environmental Protection, the representatives of the European Commission and other international institutions are participating in the video conference organized by the International Energy Agency. 

“Speaking of my Country, Georgia is a small State with heavy Soviet legacy of energy inefficient buildings that we are gradually replacing. A majority of constructions were built with low energy efficiency standards, which, in a way, creates an excellent ground for experimentation.

As a response to current Crisis, Georgia accelerated adoption of energy efficiency legislation and introduced new standards and regulations for energy efficiency in buildings, finalized just recently.

In addition, together with our international partners and donor organizations, including International Energy Agency, Georgia gradually moves toward: modernization and substitution of municipal transport and street lightings, introduction of the pilot biomass fuel supply chain and heating systems, also energy efficient infrastructure and solar thermal technologies at elderly homes and kindergartens. Noteworthy, that the latter has reduced energy costs by 80%.
Sadly, we are unable to offer the same benefits to our citizens in occupied territories of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region.

Accelerating the pace of progress in all regions requires stronger political commitment, long-term energy planning, increased public and private financing, and adequate policy and fiscal incentives to trigger faster deployment of new technologies.

Energy efficiency – as one of the cornerstones for achieving SDG 2030 targets – bears much higher importance in our new reality, with increased emphasis on poor and vulnerable communities.

As part of sustainable recovery from the crisis, we must build on achievements accomplished thus far and accelerate efforts to achieve affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Today’s conference and recommendations developed by IEA’s Global Commission on Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency offer key topics for reflection and potential solutions for sustainable recovery”, - said Salome Zourabichvili.